The Finnish-Syrian Friendship Society

The logo above binds two friendly letters together – the sign & and و, the Arabic word for and. Similarly, The Finnish-Syrian Friendship Association aims to establish friendly ties between Syrian immigrants and Finns.

The Association offers counseling and support to help immigrants integrate into the Finnish society and works closely with various government agencies and non-governmental organizations within Finland.  In addition, the Association organizes a variety of networking events, trips and celebrations.

The Finnish-Syrian Friendship Association also organizes activities with the intention of familiarizing Syrians with the Finnish culture, while also familiarizing Finns with the Syrian culture. The ultimate aim of this work is to promote the integration of immigrants into Finnish society so that they feel that they are Finnish citizens, while not forgetting their Syrian roots.

The Association is a member of the following organizations:

Monika Women’s League (

Jätä soittopyyntö
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