The Bridges for Arabic speaking program supports the integration of immigrants in Finland

The purpose of the Bridges for Arabic speaking program is to support and enable Arabic speaking immigrants to function effectively in their new environment.  The project also works to create a sense of community and to promote networking among the Arabic speaking immigrants, the authorities and non-governmental organizations.

The Finnish-Syrian Friendship Society has worked with Arabic speaking residing in Finland since 2010, and has a thorough understanding of the project’s target group.  The Arabic speaking individuals who make up this group need support in their efforts to integrate into society. Counseling which specifically targets this group has not been previously available.

Starting at the beginning of 2016, the Finnish-Syrian Society has provided, among other things, Arabic-language advisory service and have organized numerous social activities and networking opportunities.

The Bridges for parents

The purpose is to support the mothers and father whos children are in the basic school

We offer advices, events, and activities to support parents in different ways.

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