Work life info in Sello library on 21.4.2017 at 16.00

April 6, 2017 | Events

Time: Friday 21.4.2017 starting at 16.00

Place: Sello library, Leppävaarankatu 9, 02600 Espoo

The theme of the event is the versatile work life in Finland with many actors introducing their services such as the trade union Specia, translation experts KAJ, Suomi-Syyria Ystävyysseura and entrepreur specialist Yrittäjät ry. The event will be held in Finnish and Arabic.

Enrol to the event in facebook event called ”Työelämäinfo” or by calling 040 41 25 900 Suomi-Syyria Ystävyysseura.

The event is open for all interested- welcome to learn new and to build networks!


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